Pope Francis: the "Rock Star" of the youth in Panama

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  • Sun, 01/27/2019 - 12:49
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The historic visit of Francisco to Panama has generated many emotions in those attending the various activities of the World Youth Day 2019 (WYD). The meeting of young Catholics has mobilized even people like Justine Corona, a Panamanian, who changed her way of seeing religion, "it has filled my heart more. I have learned more and I feel that before I was not believing. Yes now. I feel more filled with the spirit thanks to the Pope. "

For Ángela Oril, a Colombian woman who arrived as a pilgrim, the way of speaking of the Supreme Pontiff reaches the young, "because first, sharing with so many people from all regions of the world, is the clearest sign that the love of God is only one and we all share the same spirit of struggle, especially, at least Latin Americans who are quite passionate and I as a Colombian can not deny it. I love the Lord with all my being. This experience has been fantastic and to know Pope Francisco who is so close to us has been incredible he is a “Rock Star. "

" The arrival of the Pope to Panama  It is incredible because we think it will bring us peace and harmony in Central America, throughout Latin America and the whole world," said Mrs. Clementina Concepción, who traveled from the province of Chiriqui to participate in the activities of WYD.

The Venezuelan Father, Jorge Ulloa, expressed the impact of Pope Francis in the region, "his presence makes visible what many want to make invisible such as misery, human outrage, abuse and the Pope where he goes makes the humans in need visible, the human flesh. As he says it, people in need of love, care, and  good treatment. "

Yadira de Montero, is a Panamanian who expressed her joy at the arrival of the highest representative of the Catholic Church in Panama, "we are very happy for this day, the Pope has brought peace, and tranquility we want for all our Latin countries and above all for Venezuela"

Maritza Granizo is an Ecuadorian who described the event as positive, "it is a very nice experience for us, we were open and he opened his heart to us. Thanks to our Holy Pope Francisquito, we are thankful for a beautiful experience. "

Mary, God’s influencer

Pope Francis made use of the language that has made him close to young people during his pre-vigil speech that took place on Saturday at Campo San Juan Pablo II during the WYD in Panama City: "Without a doubt, the young woman from Nazareth was not popular on the social media of the time. She was not an influencer but without wanting it or looking for it she became the woman who influenced the most in our history. We can say with  confidence that Mary was the influencer of God. With a few words she was encouraged to say yes and to trust in the promises of God, which is the only thing capable of renewing and making all things new and all of us today have something new to do inside  ".

He called on young people to put discrimination aside, "to assume life as it comes is to embrace our country, our family, our friends as they are, also with their frailties and pettiness. Maybe someone because is disabled or frail is not worthy of love? Someone for being a foreigner, for being wrong, for being sick in a prison, is not worthy of love? Jesus did so, embraced the blind man, the leper, the paralytic, embraced the Pharisee and the sinner, embraced the thieves on the cross and even embraced and forgave those who were crucifying him. "







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