Portobelo inundated with faith

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Days before October 21 of each year, the path to the city of Portobelo, in the Colon province, witnesses the journey of the devoted of the Black Christ. Dressed in purple, the pilgrims coming from different cities of Panama walk kilometers to arrive to the San Felipe church in Portobelo to thank for the favors received or to make petitions to this famous religious icon.

Previous to the El Nazareno pilgrimage that will take place this Saturday October 21 and as a part of the tradition, the sculpture is covered with a new tunic replacing the old one. Every year Panamanian families donate a new tunic to give thanks.

More than a hundred thousand people are expected to arrive and participate of this religious pilgrimage. Thousands of policemen and security are in place in the route to Portobelo and also in the city to guarantee safety and the normal development of the mass celebration.









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