PRD, Pedro Miguel González: "Varela is abusing his power"

Pedro Miguel Gonzalez PRD
  • PRDEsPanama

Pedro Miguel González, Secretary General of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), believes that President Varela "is abusing his power" and said situation "could end with the rupture of the constitutional order."

In his opinion, the president of the republic "does not want mediation" and intends to "impose his will using the Supreme Court of Justice before the National Assembly." At the time, he claimed that the Comptroller General's Office "is participating in the pretentions" of Varela against the legislative branch.

"We see how the General Comptroller’s Office continues to lend itself as an instrument of pressure, even going so far as to try to audit and paralyze items that even in the government of Mireya Moscoso were not disrespected," he said.

The strong statements are released in response to the actions and decisions with which it is intended that the "Supreme Court of Justice rule in favor of the absurd appeal filed by a group of deputies" to "revive, resuscitate, a Credentials Committee dismantled by decision of the plenary session of the National Assembly" involving MP Héctor Valdés Carrasquilla.

Against the Cambio Democrático Party Deputy, there is a seizure warrant for an amount of more than 220,000 dollars imposed by the Court of Accounts for property crime linked to the collection of taxes during his administration as mayor of San Miguelito.

The statements were released when arriving at the meeting of the CEN of the PRD and the party with CONATO, to ​​explain their position "in this institutional crisis" between the legislative and the judicial branch. González's conversations and meetings will be held with the Bar Association, the Episcopal Conference, the Teachers' Association, the National Confederation of Organized Workers and various groups of businessmen.

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