President of the National Assembly defends cars purchase

President of the National Assembly defends cars purchase
  • @yanibel_abrego

The information concerning cars purchase for the National Assembly has caused controversy in recent days.

Yanibel Ábrego, deputy and president of the National Assembly, defended on Monday the current process of purchasing five vehicles for $ 306,832.

In statements provided by Telemetro Reporta (audio), Ábrego said that this purchase means a "saving" for the Assembly.

Likewise, she said that the vehicles to be acquired are destined to the members of the Board of the Legislative Branch, made up of the deputies Yanibel Ábrego, president; Jorge Iván Arrocha, first vice-president; and Gabriel Soto, second vice president.

"The Assembly as any institution requires its mobilization team (...) what we are offering is a savings to the institution with this purchase since cars are being rented at this time and this equipment is for the institution, these very vans that we currently have rented are the ones we are buying and they are not full vans, that decision definitely represents a saving for the institution," she explained.

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