President Varela honors writer and journalist Guillermo Sanchez Borbon

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  • Wed, 01/09/2019 - 11:33
President Varela honors writer and journalist Guillermo Sanchez Borbon
  • Presidencia de Panamá

President Juan Carlos Varela imposed today the National Decoration of the Manuel Amador Guerrero Order, in the Grade of Grand Officer, to the Panamanian journalist and writer Guillermo Sanchez Borbon, for his "great contribution to literature, and journalism opinion and research."

In the solemn act celebrated in the Yellow Hall of the Palacio de las Garzas (House of Government), the president also expressed his deep gratitude to Sanchez Borbon for his struggle against the dictatorship and its contributions to democracy, reported the State Communication Secretariat.

Varela affirmed that only his literary career and his works would give enough reasons to honor Sanchez Borbon "because he represents, for Panamanians who love and defend freedom, democracy, and public life decency."

"The battles he knew how to fight from the pages of the newspaper "La Prensa," in those dark moments of the military dictatorship, the finesse of his pen, and especially his humor and courage helped to inform and inspire thousands of Panamanians who cried out for the return of democracy, "said the president.

The Panamanian president said he did not want to end his presidential term "without paying off that huge debt that the country's democracy has with Don Guillermo."

Dianelsa Sanchez de Barrios, the writer's niece, expressed her profound gratitude to the president for the distinction.

"On behalf of our uncle and our family, we appreciate this high distinction given to Guillermo, in recognition of Panamanian literature and his journalistic work that contributed to the civic movements for the democracy recovery during the dictatorship dark times," added Sanchez de Barrios.

The vice president and chancellor of Panama, Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado attended the act of decoration.

Guillermo Zacarias Sanchez Borbon (1924, Bocas del Toro) by pseudonym Tristan Solarte, is a well-known writer, journalist, novelist, poet and member of the Language Panamanian Academy, and is the only Panamanian author to appear in the catalog of the "Thousand Books," which selects the thousand best books of universal literature.

For years, Tristan Solarte practiced opinion journalism, in the column "En Pocas Palabras" (In Few Words) of the local newspaper "La Prensa," where he was a severe critic of the military regime (1968-1989).

For his civic activism and for the quality of his writings, Tristan Solarte was distinguished with the Maria Moors Cabot International Journalism Award.

In addition, for his outstanding literary career, he received the Rogelio Sinan Award in 2004, and in 2008 he was a candidate for the Reina Sofia Ibero -American poetry prize.

He received the Decoration of the Order of Intellectual Merit of the Panamanian Academy in 2001.

He has obtained the National Literature Prize Ricardo Miro in the poetry and novel sections on several occasions, with the works "El Guitarrista" (first novel prize,) 1951; "El Ahogado" (First novel prize) of 1957 that has earned him international recognition.

"La Serpiente de Cristal," in 2000 is the latest novel published by Tristan Solarte.


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