Protest staged against Panamanian justice

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  • Fri, 06/29/2018 - 16:10
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During a symbolic protest that included a coffin as a reference to "the death of the Accusatorial Prison" as expressed by the demonstrators, a group of people arrived at the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice. They claimed that the role of the Judicial Branch has political purposes, referring specifically to the proceeding against former President Ricardo Martinelli.

The Magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, especially Magistrate Mejía, are responsible for it, but the mastermind of the assassination of the Accusatorial Criminal System is President Varela. Everything is motivated by hatred against former President Ricardo Martinelli, against Cambio Democrático and those of us, whose only sin is to have worked and given a better life to Panamanians," said Luis Eduardo Camacho, spokesman for Martinelli.

"Just six months after the assassination of the Accusatorial Criminal System by those who were called to protect it, to preserve it, to make it grow, to strengthen it for the good of the Panamanian people," Camacho added that the Government has neglected the main problems faced by Panamanians.

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