Protesters demand resignation of Kenia Porcell for alleged irregularities in cases

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  • Fri, 10/12/2018 - 08:39
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A group of protesters held a march on Thursday before the Public Ministry to demand the resignation of the Nation’s Attorney General, Kenia Porcell, accused of assembling rigged cases against opponents and former officials of the previous Administration.

"A terrorism regime is established in our judicial courts. The Prosecutors are advised by police, the intelligence are at the service of the State and lends to satisfy the interests of the President of the Republic, the engineer Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez, lent themselves to all kinds of contraptions in order to harm a quite significant group of citizens whose only crime at the beginning was to have participated in the government of former President Ricardo Martinelli," said lawyer Alexis Sinclair who delivered a document addressed to Kenya Porcell, to demand her resignation.

Among the participants of the protest, held in the central Parque Porras, was Luis Eduardo Camacho, spokesman for former President Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014), who was detained in the framework of an investigation for alleged illegal wiretapping during his term.

"Down with the chimbos files ", "Down with the chimbos witnesses " were some of the slogans uttered in the picket line, in which the
protesters also carried signs and fabrics in which it read "we demand the resignation of the Procurator Kenia Porcell".

Camacho reported in statements to journalists that some local media have not wanted to echo the reports about alleged irregularities in the criminal files armed by the head of the Public Ministry as part of the political persecution against Martinelli and opposition party members.

The protesters reported the alleged falsification of evidence and testimony in these proceedings, and demanded that Porcell be separated from the post while investigating the alleged irregularities.

They also requested the release of Martinelli and other detainees in cases of alleged corruption in the previous administration.

Among the protesters was lawyer Norma González who justifies the resignation of the Procurator because in her opinion, "those who have to investigate are part of the problem, they are the ones who have to be investigated."

Martinelli has been held in a minimum-security prison since June 11, the day he was handed over to Panama by the authorities of the United States, where he was imprisoned for one year because of the request for extradition for the cause of illegal wiretapping.

The former president, 66, claims to be innocent and a victim of political persecution of the current Panamanian president and who was his vice president and chancellor, Juan Carlos Varela, who denies and defends the separation of powers in the country.

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