Provisional detention for Ramón Martinelli

Ramón Martinelli Corro
  • Telemetro.com

On February 6, former Panamanian President Martinelli’s cousin, Ramón Martinelli Corro, was arrested with Jorge Luis Álvarez Cummings while driving a car carrying $20,000 in cash. A Mexican woman was with them. They were intercepted in a National Police station.

After being brought before a Court, an arrest warrant was issued against Ramón Martinelli and Álvarez Cummings. “The Supervisory Judge ordered provisional detention against the two people, charged with the alleged crime of money laundering, after being caught in flagrante with $20,000 in San Francisco,” the Panama’s Judicial Branch announced on Twitter.

Both citizens have an arrest record in Mexico, in 2009 for a similar case.


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