The return of Nidal Waked to Panama

The return of Nidal Waked to Panama
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The story that began with an allegation linked to money laundering, which resulted in extradition, in a lengthy trial before the United States justice and in jail, finally came to an end. After remaining 2 years and 3 months deprived of liberty, the Colonnish businessman, Nidal Waked, is on Panamanian soil in the company of his family and friends.

Lawyer Yasser Williams, defense lawyer for Waked, said that "the accusations against him were extremely serious. He was designated as part of the world's largest criminal money laundering organization."

The case dates from the year 2016, time in which the businessman is imprisoned in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, at the request of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). From that moment his journey begins that takes him to a federal prison, the same one where to this day the former president, Ricardo Martinelli, is.

The accusations against Nidal Waked throughout the process were losing strength and legal foundations. The charges for his alleged membership in a world-class organization dedicated to money laundering were dismissed by the US Attorney's Office.

Similarly, Judge Robert Scola, dismissed the case and described it as an atypical case, releasing the employer on April 19.

Lawyer Williams pointed out given the return of his defendant that "returning to his country having dismissed money laundering charges and meeting with his family is a clear and forceful response that the statements made by the then US Ambassador to Panama, John Feeley" and admitted that the process is still open.

And it is that the prosecutor of the Court of the Southern District of Florida, Randy Hummel, appealed the decision of Judge Robert Scola, which does not give credit to the seizure of the assets of Waked for more than 20 million dollars, as compensation for using the American financial system in order to launder money.

Although he is already in Panama, the merchant admitted being responsible for the falsification of fiscal and economic documents through invoices that do not correspond to the purchase of certain products.

Waked's name remains included in the so-called "Clinton List" of the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States. Due to this fact, the employer cannot make any kind of negotiation with American companies.

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