Ricardo Martinelli: "There is no justice"

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  • Tue, 09/18/2018 - 23:12
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During the hearing of the case against Ricardo Martinelli  this Tuesday, the legal team of the former president presented the defense of the ex president before the Judge Jerónimo Mejía who requested to continue the process on Wednesday, September 26.

Likewise, the lawyers representing Ricardo Martinelli reiterated the request that medical tests need to be performed on the former president. "The Presiding Judge is ultimately saying that he has no competence," says Carlos Carrillo, Martinelli's defense lawyer, referring to the medical examinations they requested during the hearing. He made reference to what happened in June when Mejía ordered that the medical examination be carried out; however Carrillo expressed that they will wait for the decision of the Presiding Judge.

On the other hand, Carlos Herrera, the complainant lawyer showed his disagreement with the request because he believes that the health of the former president nothing has to do with the continuation of the legal process, "the health issues that the Institute of Legal Medicine really sees are really technical issues. The Institute of Legal  Medicine cannot recommend even a treatment, cannot prescribe a pill because they are not treating physicians. We will never oppose anything for health issues. We must not seek to alter or disguise things. The truth is that an evaluation of Legal Medicine is being requested to have the basis to rehearse a precautionary measure".

During the hearing Ricardo Martinelli shouted to the press from the corridor: "They do not want me to go to the State Forensic Medicine or Legal Medicine for an evaluation. They want to kill me. There is no law here. This is unfair, there is no justice here".


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