Ricardo Martinelli was officially nominated as a Panama city mayor candidate

Martinelli will be officially nominated today as a Panama mayor candidate
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Former President Ricardo Martinelli was nominated as a Panama mayor candidate two months after the board of directors of the Democratic Change party approved his nomination. Martinelli would face for the mayor's office to Adolfo Valderrama; to Jose Luis Fabrega, of the PRD, and Raul Ricardo Rodriguez, for the independent candidates.

The deputy for "Cambio Democratico," Sergio 'Chello' Galvez, will be his companion for deputy mayor on the way to the city office. The aforementioned deputy with the former lady of the Republic, Marta Martinelli, handed in the pertinent documentation so that the candidacy can be accredited by the collective board of directors.

"Thank you very much, everyone, for the great support and welcome I have had in my mayor candidacy. I would like simply to be with all my friends this afternoon at 4 pm at the @CaDemocratico office, but my kidnappers stop me from it. We are much less halfway to achieve it! ", says a tweet published in the official account of Martinelli.

The place where the action was taken place was at the headquarters of Cambio Democratico located in Juan Diaz.

Martinelli faces a trial for alleged wiretapping. On January 7, the defense of the former president filed new appeals with the Supreme Court of Justice containing two actions for the protection of guarantees and a complaint before electoral prosecutor Eduardo Peñaloza against several officials.

The first of the appeals is against the oral trial order, contained in the decision issued by the magistrate judge of guarantees, Jeronimo Mejia, by which he denies the admission of the second part of forensic computer evidence proposed by the former president defense.

The second action of guarantees protection presented today by the defense of the candidate to the deputy by the circuit 8-8 is against the decision taken by Judge Mejia on November 26, 2018, by which the initiation of oral proceeding is ordered against Ricardo Martinelli.

The former president's file is in the way to pass to the ordinary level after which, by the majority, the Plenum of the Court declined the competition before a court of ordinary judgment.

On January 17, the resolution granting the protection of guarantees that declined the competition will be enforceable. It is at that time that the Secretariat of the Court must refer the proceedings to the Trial Court of the First Judicial District and select the judges so that they fix a hearing date.

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