Rómulo Roux, CD leader asks to respect the rights of the ex president

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  • Fri, 06/08/2018 - 17:06
Ricardo Martinelli
  • Ricardo Martinelli, Ex Presidente de Panamá - Photo: @camachocastro

The leader of the opposition Democratic Change (CD), Rómulo Roux, said today that it is "good news" that the US State Department has accepted the extradition of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli and asked that his right to a defense be guaranteed. "full" when you return to the country.

"Ricardo Martinelli will soon return to his country, it's good news for him, his relatives, Cambio Democrático and the country, and we demand respect for his rights and conditions that allow him to exercise his full defense," Roux said in his Twitter account.

Roux, who was chancellor during the Martinelli government (2009-2014), snatched last January the leadership of Cambio Democrático, which he founded two decades ago, in internal elections with a wide difference.

The Panamanian president, Juan Carlos Varela, confirmed on Friday that the US State Department approved the extradition of his predecessor in office, who has been detained in a jail in Miami for almost a year and is required by Panamanian justice for a case of illegal wiretapping to more than a hundred opponents.

And in his statements to the local press he reported that they are only taking the steps one by one first to receive notification of authorization of extradition and that the superior court of justice, the penitentiary system, the ministry of government have a responsibility and each authority will have to notify at the time

In a letter he sent to the US authorities last month, Martinelli asked the Department of State that if he decided to deliver it he would do so "expeditiously" and under the specialty clause of the extradition treaty between the two countries, that is, that he could only be prosecuted in his country for the case for which it is requested.

Martinelli, who left his country in January 2015 and after several months of unknown whereabouts was established in Miami, defends that he is a victim of political persecution by Varela and has at least a dozen pending court cases in Panama.

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