Rómulo Roux is the new president of Cambio Democrático

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With a participation of 94.4% of the conventional Cambio Democrático party, that is with 2,352 out of 2,491, the new President of the collective was elected. With 1,465 votes in favor, Rómulo Roux won against Ricardo Martinelli, who added 830 ballots. The process was carried out with the support of the Electoral Court. Roux said that Martinelli's leadership was not in dispute, "this is a victory for the party, a victory for renewal, a victory for change and a victory for the unity of the Cambio Democrático party".

"I still have to continue fighting in opposition within the opposition line of the party that I am sure is the vast majority of the party, with a strong speech against the Government, with coherent proposals for 2019 to rescue this country from the morass it is in. The primaries lie ahead," said José Raul Mulino who supported the candidacy of Ricardo Martinelli.

"What we have done in Cambio Democrático is unprecedented, the first time in history that the bases decide who will be their guides. Here it was only the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) but the PRD could never have 94% of the conventional ones," said Deputy Carlos" Tito "Afu, who won the first vice presidency under the formula with Roux.

MP Edwin Zuñiga won the second vice presidency; Yanibel Abrego will be in charge of the General Secretariat, Manuel Cohen won for the Ministry of Finance, Rony Arauz will be in the Organization Secretariat.

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