Roux confirms that Martinelli can run for president 

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  • Sun, 12/03/2017 - 13:06
Cambio Democratico party
  • Oscar Sulbarán

Romulo Roux, the Secretary General of the Cambio Democratico party said that according to the statutes of the political organization, Ricardo Martinelli could run as a candidate for president in the CD internal elections. From the city of Las Tablas, Roux declared through the television channel TVN: "what I have seen so far of the regulation is that President Martinelli is allowed to run. I understand by a tweet he wrote, that Roux signed a power to run for the presidency, so that's what I understand is going to happen."

Internal differences

In the activity carried out in the city of Las Tablas there were dissenting voices of the current leadership of the Cambio Democratico party: the deputies Carlos "Tito" Afu and Noriel Salerno. Afu who will be a candidate for the vice presidency of CD, expressed concern about the internal situation, "What kind of unity talks Martinelli when there are four miscreants here are attacking us?” On the other hand Salerno denounced that there is interest in buying the votes of the conventionals for the internal elections nevertheless he asked them to vote with conscience.


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