From sanctions until agreements

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This January 2 the concept of magistrates will disappear from the local governments belonging to the District of Panama and will be replaced by the Justices of the Peace, in accordance with Law 16 of 2016. The secretary of the District Technical Board, Rafael Brown, explained that, "here there is a search for pacifying the excessive litigation that existed in communities. The Justice of the Peace seeks to resolve the conflict between the people. The Magistrate acted from a punitive perspective, people used to go to the Judicial Administrative Department and a sanction was imposed".

Brown, who was part of the selection process of Judges of the Peace, said there was no interference of any kind. During two weeks the selection process was worked on. 59 candidates were interviewed, the names were handed over to the Mayor of Panama who then resubmitted a short list. From that group the councilors chose a Justice of the Peace for each of the 23 districts of Panama. "There are unfounded criticisms of candidates who were not favored in the process, some candidates who failed to get the minimum score, candidates who have criticized the process unfairly," Brown said.

The complaints received in the Judicial Administrative Department until December 31 will be taken to the Legal Department of the Municipality of Panama. These cases will be processed through the Discharge Judicial Administrative Department.

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