Scrutiny board discards fraud in May general elections in Panama

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  • Tue, 02/12/2019 - 13:56
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The National Board of Scrutiny (JNE) of Panama ruled out on Monday any possibility of fraud in the elections next May, when some 2.7 million Panamanians are called to the polls to choose more than 1,700 positions, including the president of the country for the period 2019-2024.

"It is a rumor and we reject the fraud due to the fact that the scrutiny is public, from the tables participate the representatives of the political parties and the (candidates for) free application, in addition any irregularity is very easy to detect", said the president of the National Scrutiny Board, Nivia Castrellón.

The Board will scrutinize and verify the results of the forty minutes from the thirty-nine electoral circuit boards for president, and one from the special voting table of the Registry of Resident Voters Abroad (RERE) and the Central American Parliament deputies (Parlacen), as reported by the Electoral Tribunal (TE).

According to the law, the National Scrutiny Board is composed of a president, a secretary and a member appointed by the Electoral Tribunal, and a representative proposed by each of the political parties with presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Castrellón told to Acan-Efe that despite the fact that the event is organized by the Electoral Tribunal, it is the Board that is responsible for manual scrutiny at the national level.

"This is an absolutely transparent process, which at the end has a number of minutes (7,000) that are signed, this allows that if it fails the computer systems can be reproduced, and the result taken faithfully from the will of the Panamanian people", he clarified.

"We have contingency plans and designs to carry out a plan in the event of a failure", she said.

The board added that the unofficial transmission of results will be given by the Electoral Tribunal, but the official one is in charge of the JNE, so they believe that the presidential proclamation will be held on Thursday, May 9, after they have counted the last vote of the whole country.

Castrellón offered these statements in the frame of the presentation of the communication strategy of the Board, which is based on pillars such as objectivity, transparency, impartiality, commitment and professionalism, as she explained.

The new strategy included the launch of a web page and the official profiles on the social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and seeks to reaffirm the character of the Board as an independent entity as well as to support the transparency of the process of accounting for votes.

The National Scrutiny Board also advocates broad citizen participation in the upcoming elections and appeals to the commitment of all those who are called to the democratic process.

The Board has its headquarters in the building of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (Parlatino), located in the Amador sector on the banks of the Panama Canal.

Panama will hold its general elections on May 5, in which more than 2.7 million Panamanians are called to renew more than 1,700 positions of popular election, between principals and alternates.

The president and vice president of the country, the deputies of the National Assembly and the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), mayors, representatives of corregimientos and councilors will be elected. 


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