Sidney Sittón, US approves Martinelli's extradition to Panama

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  • Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:02
Sidney Sittón
  • Panama Today

Sidney Sittón presents the oficial document of the US Department of State approving the extradition to Panama of former President Ricardo Martinelli, who has been detained in a US federal prison since June 12, 2017, as Syndey Sittón mentioned today."The notice of delivery" of Martinelli "was already signed" by the Department of State, "they were that in minutes they will send it to my mail (...) and once they give us this notice, they immediately proceed to the transfer, ". Here is the full document dated and signed on June 8, 2018 where the department of state informs the embassy of Panama that they have authorized the extradition of Ricardo Martinelli to stand for trial and he is immediately available for transfer. In the document also mentions the medical treatments applied during  his confinement in prison and recommends upon arrival in Panama to receive a full physical exam so he can receive the appropriate care while in custody in Panama.

At this moment we don't know when the ex president of Panama will be transferred from the Miami's prison and the travel arrangements.

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