Social media explode with the Pandeportes scandal

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  • Wed, 01/16/2019 - 21:15
Social networks explode with Pandeportes scandal
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The Pandeportes scandal is exploding in the social media, after the investigations revealed by the newspaper La Prensa of Panama, every day more names appear involved with information that slowly comes to light before the complaints of coaches, sportsmen and Panamanian politicians, as is the case of Guillermo Cochez, who through his twitter account denounced a new name to add to the list of this scandal.


But not only grow the number of politicians involved in this net of corruption, but also the companies that are linked to this type of activities as a fumigation company that appeared after a complaint on twitter, also discovered in the investigation of the newspaper La Prensa.

The reactions in social networks have not been made wait and therefore the general public, experts and involved in the matter have expressed their position to the information that has appeared, especially in the profiles of Twitter uncovering the plot everyone knew that already existed.

Mary Triny Zea, journalist of La Prensa, has shared the last chapter (for now) of these investigations, about the fumigation company we referred few lines before. More information is expected, and our web site will be showing it continuously. 

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