Spanish experts train in Panama on production technologies

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  • Sat, 11/10/2018 - 17:47
  • Twitter @MIDAPANAMA

Experts from the province of Almeria, Spain, gave training in Panama on innovative technologies that are applied in this area of large production of vegetables in controlled environments, an official source said.

Almeriense specialists demonstrated the management of a machinery designed for phytosanitary control work within the plantations in greenhouses, in a meeting held at the facilities of the company Veggie Fresh, located in Potrerillos, district of Dolega, in the western province of Chiriquí.

It is a small tractor of 35 horsepower that can move in this production environment in small spaces, said the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama (MIDA).

According to Jorge Requena, coordinator of the national program that regulates terrestrial applications of pesticides (Atplags) of the National Directorate of Plant Health of MIDA, hat the team is equipped with a sprinkler system consisting of two parallel bars that hold different types of nozzles , depending on the need of the crop.

He stressed that through these nozzles the solution is downloaded as a cloud for greater coverage of the crop and efficiency in the control of pests.

The demonstration was conducted this Friday by Liberto and Eusebio Amate, Spanish businessmen.

The visit of the Spanish specialists in Chiriquí "is an example of how our agriculture is experiencing significant advances in the search for better production methods," said the regional director of MIDA, Rolando Guerrero, according to official information.


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