Superior court of appeals denies release on bail of Ricardo Martinelli

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  • Mon, 02/11/2019 - 13:44
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At 4:45pm the judge representing the Superior court of appeals denied the release on bail of Ricardo Martinelli of the appeal presented by his defense. The oral and public hearing of the appeal against the decision of the judge of Guarantees Justo Vargas was carried out today to obtain a bail of release, requested by the defense of former President Ricardo Martinelli. At 4:45pm the judge denied the release on bail of Ricardo Martinelli of the appeal presented by his defense and ended the audience.

The defense of Ricardo Martinelli reiterated the offer of a bail of half a million dollars, in order to achieve the release of the former president, arrested since June 11 and held in the El Renacer prison, after an extradition to address the case of the alleged "wiretapping case "in Panama. The former president reinforced today in the hearing saying  "I decided to come voluntarily to my country, I came to vindicate myself and my family, nobody points me directly or indirectly," said Ricardo Martinelli.

In statements to the press, the lawyer Alfredo Vallarino reiterates irregularities in the hearing of the Judge of Guarantees Justo Vargas. Sidney Sittón, part of the legal defense of the ex president questioned the legal actions taken against his client, as well as the independence of magistrates and judges.

The former president in statements at the hearing said that according to the lawyer of Juan Carlos Navarro said that any accused person is entitled to bail. Ricardo Martinelli said he has never been charged, because he was never notified but has been accused, and that he is the only Panamanian in Panama that has not been imputed. "It seems that there are two types of justice, one for Martinelli and one for the rest of Panamanians", "If I die I want this trial to continue, because I came here to claim my name and my family."

Attorney Cuevas points out that it represents a danger, if Ricardo Martinelli is released from release, and asked that the decision of the Judge of Guarantees be confirmed and in turn the plaintiff attorney Eliodulfo Palacios said "We request that the decision of the Judge of Guarantees be maintained to keep former president Martinelli in provisional detention. "

Superior Court of Appeals of Panama decreed recess until 4:00 p.m. to rule on the request for an appeal to the decision of the Warranty Judge, who denied bail of release of the Republic's file. #OJInforma

After hearing the decision of the Court of Appeals, Ricardo Martinelli left the room where the hearing was held and in the hall before being transferred to the prison El Renacer shouted: "I already knew what was going to happen. Yanibel Abrego following instructions from Juan Carlos Varela told me that they would not give me bail. He told me that I was leaving on June 12... Everything is a farce Juan Carlos Varela wants to disqualify me politically and Juan Carlos Varela does not want me to run for mayor or deputy. Juan Carlos Varela is the boss in this judicial system and Juan Carlos Varela is the one who has destroyed this country".

One of the arguments in the decision of the Court of Appeals that ratified the measure of deprivation of liberty was the lack of a document certifying the deterioration in the health status of the former president. This was stated by the prosecutor of the case, Ricaurte González: "it is in effect an evaluation done to Mr. Martinelli but it does not issued the Institute of Legal Medicine. The Law is clear, that should be the forensic doctors suitable to be able to give the strength and certainty to the Court of Judgment to then be able to take a measure regarding the health of a defendant or accused as is the case of Mr. Martinelli”.

For his part Martinelli's defense attorney, Alfredo Vallarino, questioned the decision: "the truth is that they have said that certification of Legal Medicine is required, the truth is that it is a public and notorious fact that the former President Ricardo Martinelli asked to go to Legal Medicine before the penitentiary system, then before the magistrate Jerónimo Mejía, then before the Supreme Court of Justice. Everywhere we ask that he must go to Legal Medicine, obviously he cannot go by his own feet, he has to be taken by the system. So if they are denying us to go to Legal Medicine and they tell us that this is the requirement to be able to show that he has a health condition, then I think we are in the middle of a fight between a tied donkey and fierce tiger".

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