Is there unity in Cambio Democrático?


This week, following the return to the country of Ricardo Martinelli, actions have been geared toward seeking "the unity of the party". I feel, quite frankly, seeing some of the spokespersons for the initiative, that it is more a remorse reaction than looking for a "unity". The party and Ricardo Martinelli were betrayed in order to bring the party closer to Varela. The vast majority remain united and without remorse. We do not need to be summoned by traitors because we have never left the party or the friend.

We live an internal struggle. Those who left want to return. That is his reality. The real President of Cambio Democrático (CD) , although in adverse situations, is present in the country and the internal varelismo has no other option than to seek subterfuge to accommodate or be reinserted in the place that in January they should give up. They never thought about this scenario. The giant booing in the Court was the result of a cynical action. Pretending friendship camouflage was unpleasant before a base that came from far away to show solidarity with the friend in his hardest moment. I do not feel that to show loyalty there is now to be painted Martinelli. The vast majority have not taken off the shirt of the team. We all know each other and we know well where we have been all these four years, all these last months after the "triumph".

Personally, it is not intransigence and that is why I write today on the topic. I have been doing curious approaches for Rómulo Roux and me to talk or sell the need to join to support Ricardo Martinelli. Supporting Ricardo Martinelli is to be loyal, not to have betrayed him as they did. I tell them all that I have nothing to talk about. There, near Varela and I here near the bases of the CD whose loyal vote I hope to receive to lead the party to the victory the other year. What smells like Varela is a death sentence. Whoever joins the traitor will be punished. Whoever who follows Varelismo will no longer be government soon. If they want to change the path, this is everyone's decision. I follow my path in strong opposition, with coherent proposals, without any blemish of having been in any government. Like many, I have paid with sacrifice the fact of being and remaining in opposition when many opted for accommodation. Where were they in the hardest moments?

In all these months there has been some gesture of sensible approach? No. Have they made available to all tendencies the facilities of the party that are paid with public monies to allow us to work? No. Have they offered training with the Electoral Court impartially? No. Have they taken into account the opinion of any candidate to adopt the dates of the primaries? No. Will they hold primaries for all elected offices? I don’t believe it. Will they provoke debates? No. Have they used the party and its activities, paid for with public funds, to make a concealed campaign for Roux? Yes. So? Now if they want unity? What unit do they speak of? Does Roux have the moral to lead this elaborate unit? Never!

My campaign will be strong and intense. The CD bases should be clear that on August 12 our victory is at stake in May 5, 2019. If you want a Varela, or someone similar to Varela, and lose the other year, simple, do not vote for me! The most curious thing is that they know and say it, despite the "supporting" photos.

Meanwhile, the clock keeps on ticking and every day that passes is one less for all of them there!

José Raúl Mulino Q.

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