Uncertainty, a never ending issue for Cubans in Panama

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  • Sat, 04/08/2017 - 15:06
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PANAMA CITY- A group of 292 Cubans remain in a Caritas Panama shelter, facing an uncertain future and the fear of being deported to Havana. The final decision depends on President Varela’s administration that has planned measures to provide them temporary stability and only send back to Cuba any person who has violated any law in Panamanian soil. During 2017, already 49 Cubans have been deported.

Deacon Fernando Juarez, representative of Caritas Panama, assured that they are already in conversations with the Panamanian authorities to determine the destination of the Antilleans. He also reported that in the coming weeks a group of people will be transferred to another shelter to minimize overcrowding.

Juarez said that so fare there is no health emergency but he urged to those who can contribute to help them to meet the basic needs of these refugees since “donations have decreased significantly this year.”

This group of Cuban citizens was left stranded in Panama after former President Barack Obama repealed the US immigration "wet feet, dry feet" policy in January 2017.

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Óscar Sulbarán

Panama Correspondent.

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