US closes consultation over El Salvador, Panama and Dominican Republic - China relations

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  • Sat, 09/22/2018 - 10:20
US Embassy
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The United States closed "a productive round of consultations" with its representatives in El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Panama for the decision of those three countries to enter into diplomatic relations with China, the US Embassy in San Salvador reported.

The government of Donald Trump called for consultations on September 7 the ambassadors in El Salvador, Jean Manes; in the Dominican Republic, Robin Bernstein, and the head of Business in Panama, Roxanne Cabral, for the "recent decisions to avoid recognizing Taiwan."

Panama entered into diplomatic relations with China in June 2017, while the Dominican Republic and El Salvador did so in May and August. The three countries are part of the Central American Integration System (SICA), whose other member, Costa Rica, was the first in the region to establish those ties in 2007.

The US embassy in El Salvador explained in a statement Thursday that Manes and his colleagues "closed a productive round of consultations" in the State, Treasury and Justice departments of the Donald Trump Administration.

It added that they also met with "White House leaders", Congress and "others, regarding the decisions taken by those countries to break diplomatic relations with Taiwan."

"The heads of mission offered a valuable perspective in the talks on how the United States can continue to support stable, independent and democratic institutions and economies in Central America and the Caribbean," the Embassy said in a statement.

It added that the United States "remains committed to supporting" the efforts of the three countries "to promote transparency, the rule of law, economic growth and democratic values in the region and in the world."

Without mentioning China, the US diplomatic letter stated that "as more countries in the region seek economic agreements and relations with unknown partners, whose methods lack a positive record, we note a disturbing trend that indicates that, often, many these transactions lack transparency and do not respond to the long-term interests of those countries."

"Preventing and effectively combating corruption is essential to have strong and functional democracies throughout the Americas, and our Embassy in San Salvador and others in the region will continue with that support and will continue to monitor the presumptions of illicit enrichment," it said.

The diplomatic letter added that "where corruption or other criminal acts are identified, the United States will consider canceling the visas of the persons involved and their families."

"The government of the United States remains fully committed to supporting the efforts of the Salvadoran people to make their country a more prosperous, strong and democratic nation," the diplomatic delegation said.

Manes announced on social networks that he will return to the Central American nation "at the end of next week", to "continue to support the Salvadoran efforts to strengthen and improve the country."

In August, El Salvador broke diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which was one of the main cooperators with the Central American country in technology, health, agriculture and education fields.


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