Varela is exempt from investigation in the Odebrecht case

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  • Fri, 11/30/2018 - 14:55
Juan Carlos Varela
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The Special Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office presented its report regarding the accusations in the Odebrecht case, the Brazilian company that is involved in a large number of accusations and corruption cases. The surprise was that none of the government officials who are accused of having received / carried out corruption acts are not being investigated in the process.

The absence of the name of Juan Carlos Varela, current president of Panama and one of the most affected in the accusations is noteworthy since it was known that in his campaign, he received donations from the aforementioned company, according to Jaime Lasso, former consul of Panama in South Korea in September 2017.

Prosecutor Zuleyka Moore stated that this statement was the third made by the former official before the Prosecution, so it was expected that it would be taken into account at the time of conducting the investigative process. The prosecutor himself identified Lasso as the bridge between Odebrecht and the Party of Juan Carlos, lobbying each of the negotiations.

With a final balance of $ 255.1 million in money and goods apprehended, in addition to 76 defendants, the final report spells out that the presidential candidates at the time of the investigation are exempt from this investigation since it corresponds to an electoral authority that must be respected and that carries its own processes.

One of the arguments to leave Juan Carlos Varela out of the process and the alleged donation of 10 million dollars to his campaign is that the payment of Odebrecht's bribes was shown until 2014, so in timelines, it does not fit with the 2017 in which the current president campaigned.

In this press conference that also had the participation of Tania Sterling, Vielka Broce and Ruth Morcillo, it was noted that despite this legal aspect, future investigations are not ruled out. Regarding Active Capital Holding, no reference was made nor to Juan Antonio Niño, who was linked to this firm.

So far, Juan Carlos Varela is totally free of investigations and reactions are expected from the opposition group of the country that has been very aware of this case and also the Martinelli issue at the same time.



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