Varela: Public Force will dominate the streets

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During the post mortem act in honor of the second sergeant, Hernando Córdoba and the second corporal, Juan Martínez, who were assassinated last weekend in Chilibre, the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, said that they will fight against the insecurity "the delinquents have taken the wrong way, the Public Force will dominate all the streets of this country, will put order, has been working hard and who takes the path of crime what awaits you is a penitentiary in this country.

Relatives of the murdered security officials were present at the solemn farewell ceremony held at the National Police headquarters in Ancon. The site was also attended by Security Minister Alexis Bethancourth and the director of the police force, Omar Pinzon. Both warned that there will be "firm hand" against crime.

Recognition of insecurity

During the opening ceremony of the 58th special session of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights held on October 16, the first Panamanian leader, Juan Carlos Varela, also referred to the issue of citizen security "I must admit that in the security issue is the same as last year, we have not been able to follow the downward trend we had."

The President of the Republic also trusts to overcome the current situation that also attributes to the influence of the drug trade in the Isthmus in his opinion "it handles a lot of money and it makes them feel above the law, not only defy the authority of police officers, challenge the authority of public prosecutors, of commissioners of the public force, my own as President of the Republic. This is a struggle and a whole society."

Venezuela and Catalonia

On the process of regional elections in the South American country Varela called it "positive that the country through the democratic way can express their feelings and can express their decision. We will talk to both government and opposition leaders to make an analysis and then express a formal statement (read more).

In the case of Catalonia said that the Government has issued a statement (read more) on the events that have been generated there in which they expect respect for "the democratic principles, institutions, harmony and coexistence that for decades characterized the Spanish State"

Economy and politics

The Prime Minister said that will soon announce with respect to the imposition of sanctions on the issue of tax evasion. They only wait for the reports of the Commission that met with the International Financial Action Task Force.

With respect to the internal elections of the party Cambio Democrático Varela avoided to comment "I will not comment on internal affairs of other parties, they are political debates. I am the president of 100% of Panamanians including those who went to vote yesterday and those who were not to vote yesterday in the end my responsibility is to lead the state and I let the political issue of parties be handled by the parties.

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