Vessel flying Panamanian flag was targeted by pirates

  • Oscar Sulbarán

The Panamanian Maritime Authority informed via communiqué that the Marine Express Ship, its 22 crew members and the cargo thereof are safe, after the pirate attack on February 1 when sailing through the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

The information was released by the Anglo Eastern company, operator of the vessel. “At the moment, the captain and the crew sail to Singapore. We are pleased to know that the crew is safe and that they will soon be able to reunite with their families,” reads the statement, information provided by the operating company through their social networks.

By regulation, the Maritime Accident Investigation Department of the Merchant Marine Directorate will be empowered to investigate what happened, “in order to establish the conditions and situations that involved acts of piracy against the Panamanian vessel”, the Maritime Authority of Panama indicates in the document.

The appearance of pirates ended in 2012 and in 2017 the outbreaks resurfaced on the African coasts, especially to the Far East near Somalia, although the situation that originated with the Panamanian flagged ship was in the Guinea Gulf on the western side of Africa. According to the European press, these attacks come mostly from the Galmudug area of Somalia. From there they would work closely with the terrorist group Al Shabab.

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