What would you do as President?

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During the last months Panama Today has consulted the opinion of the country’s diverse public figures to know their impressions about the national reality towards the 2019 General Elections and asked them if they were the new president what actions should they do to fix the country's current situation. And these were their answers:

For Zulay Rodríguez, deputy of the AN and former presidential candidate of the PRD, many plans and consultations to address the country's problems are already done, "I can give you all the proposals; many of them are condensed in these recycled
consultancies of many ministries ... I can give you all the recommendations, I can give you the 300 recommendations of all the treaties, but as long as you do not stop the stealing going on, as long as you do not stop the looting before you, affecting the resources that belong to all Panamanians, while you do not stop the stealing "piñata" you have going on, it will simply continue; taxes are invented to cover this fiscal gap caused by the theft, gentlemen here there is no solution at all. Stop stealing and here there will be wealth, prosperity and work for all. The solution is to stop stealing." Read more -

Héctor Cotes, former president of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (Apede) said, "I would mention two important issues, one on education because it generates mobility tools and generates the inclusion we need as a country. We must give it an important priority because it is a State issue but beyond the cliché we have to take concrete actions so that this is definitely the springboard for new opportunities; the second the institutionalized issue. We need to strengthen the justice of the country so that we are all clear that no one is above the law and there is certainty of punishment, and investments can come and that everyone feels that the Judiciary and that the entire Accusatory Penal System and all The Public Ministry works in coordination but in a harmonious way where nobody, I stress again, is above the law and we can have a climate of tranquility, where the certainty of punishment is given". Read more- https://www.panamatoday.com/panama/hector-cotes-panama-cant-stop-every-5-years-and-start-again-6987

Gerardo Solís, leader and former presidential candidate of the PRD believes that "what Panama has to do is to reactivate the economy. How do you reactive the economy? Let's leave money in the pockets of the people. The middle class scared of loosing their homes is financing a corrupt government bureaucracy. We have to take that burden off the middle class. I propose to eliminate the property tax in Panama; there will be no property tax. That is going to leave more money in the pocket to the middle class so that they can spend it, invest it in recreation and health, in family fun. Once the economy is activated, it gives confidence to the private company; we give incentives to the private company that generates wealth. A private company that sees that the middle class is consuming more in trade makes re-investments in the economy. That reinvestment generates more wealth." Read more- https://www.panamatoday.com/panama/gerardo-solis-panama-has-had-dark-decade-corruption-7805

José Raúl Mulino, former presidential candidate of Cambio Democrático, believes that "State reform is crucial, we can not pretend to continue advancing with a decadent democracy, with a collapsed system, we must give a new Magna Carta through a National Constituent Assembly that becomes the national political, democratic and inclusive pact that gives us a new navigation chart for all Panamanians at least for the next 30 or 50 years. Order should also be restored, order in every sense, this country is almost anarchic, falling into situations of failed state in some cases and third and not least a government with integrity." Read more -https://www.panamatoday.com/special-report/mulino-varela-paralyzed-country-due-revenge-6956

Saúl Méndez, presidential candidate of the FAD said that, "I do not believe in what I can do if I am president, I believe in what the Panamanian people can do leading the transformation of the country, that’s what I believe in. If the Panamanian people consider the transformation of society I would be a pawn in the construction of the new State with the democratic mandate of the people, that is what I could say." Read more -https://www.panamatoday.com/panama/saul-mendez-becomes-presidential-candidate-frente-amplio-por-la-democracia-8224

Upcoming soon, Panama Today will consult citizens to know "What they would do as president"

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