What would you do as President?

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  • Mon, 12/17/2018 - 00:13
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This is the second round of opinions that we gathered from our  interviewers that shows the Panamanians vision of what the future of the country should be, which is not discouraging  due to the variety of options presented.

Luis Aldeano, an independent candidate for deputy, answered: "the truth is not easy. I can not ask a president in his first year to change all things in this country. Definitely that is a President's decision but if he is not surrounded by people who have a clear conscience, who love his family, nothing will happen".”The first thing the President must do is get rid of the cover ups and protectionism that current politicians have. Brother, here in Panama there is money to inject in education. If we want to change a country we have to work hard on this matter, " Aldeano concluded.

Carolina Dementiev, an Iron Man athlete, considers that this is a difficult question (What would you do as President?). "I believe that I do not have that answer. I do not have it, but I think there is a very sensitive issue in the education system, in the health system, and obviously in the legislative system. There are serious problems in those systems. How to do it, I do not know, because it's not my specialty, but you have to listen to the debates."

The lawyer Sidney Sitton states that the role of the President must have a significant  political will to make real changes: "It would be the first time that I am facing an election in Panama and I do not know who I am going to vote for. I have not yet heard a public policy statement from any of the candidates. It seems that to be a candidate you have to be blind, deaf and dumb, and say absolutely nothing, only with a political structure to try to win elections. Facing that,  I would say the following, I do not think that this is a matter of laws in Panama.

"To transform the Constitution, of course that we have to adapt it but I think this is more than a matter of wills. You have three organs of the State but in reality it is one that dominates the other two. You have an executive body with too many unlimited powers and you have a Supreme Court that since 1903 is kneeling to political power. The fundamental pillar for a democracy to work is that the justice system works, "said the lawyer.

The cartoonist Hilde Sucre said: "I think the state organization is very crowded and many people depending on the Government. Why not encourage more the economy, create more companies and give real work to people. " In addition to the issue of the public state, he believes that education should be on the agenda of whoever wins as president".

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