Xi Jinping will visit Panama after G20 summit

Xi Jinping will visit Panama after G20 summit
  • EFE

Panama-China relations will take a gigantic step in the coming days with the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to canal lands, specifically on December 2 of this year after the end of the G20 summit to be held in Buenos Aires.

"It is very important that Panama see this visit as something good for the country, which will greatly improve the presence of (Chinese) companies, increase foreign investment and strengthen the regional role played by Panama as a logistic (center)," said Varela according to EFE.

With the recent treaties between both countries, the visit of Xi Jinping can respond to many possibilities: accelerating the negotiations of the FTA, verifying the embassy issue and its final location, assessing the negotiation process in Colón or simply, a diplomatic trip to address each topic superficially.

The truth is that from the point of view of the Panamanian president, this means a historic opportunity that does not affect Panama in concepts of sovereignty, since China "does not arrive with imperialist airs", but will be in a friendly tone with activities that will start a day after its president’s arrival.

Recently, Juan Carlos Varela was in Asian lands in the framework of important Chinese and economic fairs in that country, as well as to strengthen commercial ties that make China the main partner in the Colón Free Zone and the second largest in Panama after the United States.

Wei Qiang, Chinese ambassador to Panama, said that "Xi does not come to take over the Coón Free Zone (the largest in the Americas and located in the Panamanian Caribbean) or to open another (interoceanic) canal, nor to impose Chinese political ideologies or systems, or other falsehoods that have been said".

"China knows how to value the sovereignty of every independent State; the last thing we want to see is an undermined sovereignty of a friendly country like Panama, its political and socio-economic system compromised, or the interests of its detracted strategic and traditional partners," the diplomat added.

The tension in this relation came mainly from the United States, as well as from some sectors in Panama that said that in the positive relation with China, Varela had a lot of secrecy with the Panamanian people in the ways they were used, something that took more force to know that one of the companies participating in the commercial trip from Panama to China, was precisely a family business of the president.

On the side of the United States, Trump clarified that this summit of the G20 will serve to ease trade tensions with the Asian giant, while on Panamanian soil, this visit is expected to clarify certain points, expedite the negotiations with the FTA and provide some clues with each of the signed agreements amounting to billions of dollars.

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