Zulay Rodríguez: The Supreme Court of Justice must be changed

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Zulay Rodríguez, a deputy and pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), says that if she wins the elections in May 2019, the first thing that will change is the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ); "Those gentlemen only bow to the president’s orders ", she added that she would also change the National Prosecutor (Kenia Porcell) because she has not wanted to investigate anything on Odebrecht and would look for new deputy profiles.

"Do not choose more of the same, nor the same as always, you want to choose the same thieves who have stolen your whole life" so the deputy responds when asked about her proposal for her political peers to vote for her.

In the primary elections of the PRD, which will take place on September 16, Rodriguez will face other presidential candidates, including a former president, Ernesto Pérez Balladares, whom he says is a firm person; and a former minister, Laurentino "Nito Cortizo", the latter represents the continuity of President Juan Carlos Varela for the deputy.

Zulay Rodríguez criticizes Cortizo in harsh terms, who was Minister of Agricultural Development in 2004 and resigned after not agreeing with the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Panama and the United States. In her eyes, Cortizo abandoned the agricultural sector that 20 years later continues to suffer from the imports imposed by this agreement, and launched a question "what kind of president would we have with this man?"

Regarding PRD alliances with other parties, she ruled them out, saying that the PRD should go alone, "the only alliance should be with the education, medical and popular sectors," and acknowledged that the party has lost validity and leadership in some popular sectors.

Rodriguez, a resolute opponent of Crisol de Razas, has repeated the phrase "Panama for Panamanians" clarifies that “this does not mean I am a communist, chavista, or discriminatory, it requires controls to prevent the entry of criminals into Panama. We welcome the one who comes to invest, to move our economy, we welcome those who come to help Panama".

The deputy also referred to relations with the US, especially its current president Donald Trump. She said that, had she been an American she would have voted for Hillary Clinton, today she considers that we have much to learn from him, "The economy of the United States has grown, unemployment has fallen and he has achieved peace with North Korea."

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