Special Report

  • 2018/06/19 10:10:02

    The Panamanians Passion overflows in their World Cup debut

    Fanaticos de panama

    Finally the day arrived, June 18 was the most awaited moment for Panamanians. The emotions were contained. Some were not been able to sleep the night before. The pride of seeing the Panamanian flag in a world cup and listening to the lyrics of the National Anthem was the most anticipated by all after  October 10, 2017

  • 2018/05/30 10:15:07

    Mulino: "Varela paralyzed the country due to revenge"

    José Raúl Mulino

    Marta Caballero

    The political leader for Cambio Democrático (CD) and candidate for the presidency of the party, José Raúl Mulino, believes that the bases of the political organization will take a different path during the primary election process

  • 2018/05/28 08:29:31

    Panamanian Soccer player Román Torres: let's go for more

    Román Torres


    During the official presentation of the Academy with his name, the Panamanian soccer player Roman Torres spoke about his expectations for the 2018 World Cup of Russia

  • 2018/05/25 23:30:50

    Camacho: The Prosecutor’s Office is used as a means to take political reprisals

    Luis Eduardo Camacho


    The spokesman for former President Ricardo Martinelli, Luis Eduardo Camacho, reiterated his rejection of the role of the former United States ambassador, John Feeley, who acknowledged having been involved in the case of Ricardo Martinelli in the United State

2018/05/23 09:04:32
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2018/05/10 15:32:42
  • Kent Davis
  • Colombia and Mexico compete with the Panamanian real estate offer


    The expert in the Panamanian real estate sector, Kent Davis, assures that Panama at this moment is a buyer's market. The oversupply is still in force but in the face of a distortion that maintains high prices. "The demand has lowered the offer has gone up. In an economy, it should mean that prices go down. What happened in Panama?"

2018/04/13 12:48:50
  • Sittón
  • Sittón EXCLUSIVE:  "Varela's fate will depend on who wins the elections"


    Sidney Sittón, the legal defense lawyer representing former president Ricardo Martinelli, gave PanamaToday an exclusive interview about the role of magistrate Harry Diaz, who is acting as a judge and party against Ricardo Martinelli at the same time, the fate of president Varela after the elections and some payments involving Juan Carlos Varela and Nicolás Maduro

2018/04/09 07:45:05
  • TE
  • Electoral Court: the challenge of reforms for 2019 elections


    As of May 5, only one year will separate Panama from its General Elections. New rules are part of the electoral contest and Panama Today spoke with the director of the Center for Democratic Studies of the Electoral Court (TE), Carlos Horacio Díaz, to know the impact of changes in the norm, both in the candidates and in the citizens.

2018/04/04 14:21:56
  • Erika Ender
  • Erika Ender: A prophet in her motherland celebrating 25 years of career


    The Anayansi Theater of the Atlapa Convention Center, in Panama City, was the venue for a 25-year musical tour of Panamanian singer-songwriter and multiple Latin Grammy winner Erika Ender. Panama Today was invited to the celebration held in the Isthmian capital and shows part of the event on the night of April 3

2018/04/01 16:22:28
  • Festival de Cine
  • 7th International Film Festival in Panama


    An extensive, educational, cultural and entertainment proposal will be brought by the seventh edition of the International Film Festival of Panama (IFFP), "it is a work that requires a lot of preparation and a lot of search to bring to the Panamanian audience, not only the best cinema but also the most special guests"

2018/03/31 17:00:17
  • Holy Week
  • How LGBT community live their religion


    After the controversy and reactions of diverse religious sectors towards groups of sexual diversity, Panama Today spoke with a representative of the LGBT community in Panama, to know her relation with the religious issue and her vision of the Holy Week

2018/03/31 13:49:28
  • the Don Bosco minor basilica
  • People of Panama: The business within the religion


    In the district of Calidonia, in Panama City, there is the Don Bosco minor basilica. In its entrance there is a group of people who take advantage of the Holy Week to earn a little extra money with the arrival of more parishioners. Essences, rosaries, saint figurines and various types of Catholic Church relics are displayed on a rudimentary wooden table. During the Holy Week, there is no rest, the work days last 24 hours.

2018/03/30 13:43:55