7th International Film Festival in Panama

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  • Sun, 04/01/2018 - 17:22
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An extensive, educational, cultural and entertainment proposal will be brought by the seventh edition of the International Film Festival of Panama (IFFP), "it is a work that requires a lot of preparation and a lot of search to bring to the Panamanian audience, not only the best cinema but also the most special guests, who are willing and generous to share with the Panamanian audience, movies, experiences and knowledge," the executive director of the Festival, Pituka Ortega, told Panama today.

There is an educational and discussion program aimed at lovers of the big screen. It includes production of sound design, copyright, the vision of the industry towards the female gender, film criticism, and low budget production, among others. Also, it has a source of films for the enjoyment of the spectators, "The cinema has the power to connect you with the realities of the whole world that makes you understand that you are not different from a person from China, from Lebanon, from Russia, from France and from Nicaragua. There are so many things that bring us closer as species and one of the greatest values of the cinema we really bring is that it does not intend to make you be something that you are not but it intends to approach you to your own humanity. I hope that at least one movie of the Festival can be significant for the life of the Panamanian audience," said Ortega.

The Film Festival will be held at Cinepolis Multiplaza, at the Balboa Theater, at the Gladys Vidal Theater, at El Hatillo (building of the Mayor's Office of Panama), at the Coastal Strip, and at the districts of Tocumen, at Alcalde Díaz and Juan Díaz.

Pituka Ortega mentioned some of the celebrities that will visit the Isthmus, in the framework of the Festival, "we are going to have celebrities such as Eduardo Noriega, Oona Chaplin, who is an actress who has performed in series as The Game of Thrones and is going to be featured in the next movie Avatar by James Cameron, her mother, masterful actress Geraldine Chaplin, Daniela Vega, the actress of A Fantastic Woman. The list of guests is very long".

The Panama International Film Festival will end on April 11.

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