Believing in God: How Panamanians celebrate Holy Week

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  • Fri, 03/30/2018 - 14:43
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Holy Week still represents days of traditions in Panama. People go massively to the activities that are held in the capital of the Isthmus to celebrate the Holy Week including several manifestations of faith. In the usual 7 churches visitation on Holy Thursday, Panama Today could know the devotion of those who come every year, on this date, to express their faith in God.

Apart from the 7 churches visitation that represents the accompaniment of Jesus in each of its stations prior his crucifixion, foot washing and silent processions are performed in different parts of the city.

Most of churchgoers in Panama City visit the churches in the Old Town due to the proximity of the seven churches. Although the Cathedral is closed, due to the restoration process, the devotees move in search of another option at that end of the city to complete the journey.

"Praying, giving thanks to God, making a pledge for the family, for the sick, for the peace of the world, for everything," said Aracelis Rodríguez, are part of the things that are done during each of the stations in the churches.

Mrs. Aura Marquine has been visiting the seven churches for ten years, every Holy Thursday. She believes that more people always join the tradition but she is not capable of questioning non-believers. "Everyone is free to think or have their own ideology. I am not against those people. On the contrary, I pray for them that they do not believe in the existence of a supreme being. "However, there are exceptions, to the point of not allowing them to enter a religious temple. Concerning her position towards people with different sexual tendencies, she said "there is equality of rights, but in this sense I disagree because God created man and woman and united them. Why does it have to be a man and a man and a woman and a woman? It can’t be possible. I disagree.

"I think we are all children of God and that in the world we all fit. Let God decide what is good and what is bad," said Mrs. Aracelis Rodríguez.

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