Camacho: The media and political agenda are not part of Panamanians reality

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  • Thu, 03/01/2018 - 13:16
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The leader of Cambio Democrático and spokesman for former president Ricardo Martinelli, Luis Eduardo Camacho believes that many of the issues discussed in the everyday agenda are not what Panamanians really demands. "It is focused on the Credentials Committee, it revolves around the illogical claim of the First Lady, about the alleged coup d'etat because if there is a supposed coup d'état how it is possible that the President is going to leave the country with the Vice President. It does not make sense. It is also the issue on same-sex marriage in which politicians have engaged. These are issues that we must see but they are unaware of the priorities and the good of the people. What is the people’s priority? Insecurity threatens their lives and their property, the priority of the people is that they do not have what to eat and pay their liabilities because they are losing their jobs and those who have a job are losing their purchasing power, due to the increase in the cost of life and the decline of their income," said Camacho.

With regard to the audits submitted by the General Comptroller’s Office to the Prosecutor's Office, he said that it is a "show" due to the way in which the boxes were deployed and how the press conference released by Comptroller Federico Humbert took place in a hotel in Panama City. "Suddenly when the Assembly makes a decision that the Government has considered as a threat against its existence then Comptroller Humbert, who had been quiet for a long time due to the scandals in this Government, suddenly comes out with this. I'm not saying that audits cannot be conducted. The problem is when the audits are not conducted by looking for them. We have to find the truth, the person who did wrong; there is the law," said Camacho, who also highlighted that what Humbert announced only covers 2009 to 2014 when the request for audits also included from 2004 to 2009 .

On the case of Ricardo Martinelli, he said that the issue of release on bail in the United States remains in suspense. He reiterated that the decisions on the steps that his lawyers will follow will depend on the Panamanian former president. He believes that "the legal conditions that Martinelli would have in Panamanian land have varied but not much". "We have a Court that although it shows independence, it is still strongly influenced by the Executive, thus it is very difficult for them to do what the law says", however Camacho said that since 2015, 14 investigations on Martinelli’s case have been closed due to 23 requests filed by defense attorneys before the Supreme Court of Justice.

The leader of Cambio Democrático also referred to the future of the political group. According to him, they will follow the line given by former President Ricardo Martinelli to stay in the ranks of the political organization to demand that his leadership maintain a commitment to address the problems of Panamanians, continue to be opposition but constructively and promote the registration of new members of the party.


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