Camacho: The Prosecutor’s Office is used as a means to take political reprisals

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  • Sat, 05/26/2018 - 00:30
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The spokesman for former President Ricardo Martinelli, Luis Eduardo Camacho, reiterated his rejection of the role of the former United States ambassador, John Feeley, who acknowledged having been involved in the case of Ricardo Martinelli in the United States. "That should represent the nullity of a process because a State Department official cannot be making illegitimate pressure on the Department of Justice to detain anyone. That should not happen," said Camacho, who said that they had previously warned about the political influence surrounding this decision.

With regard to the arrest of the businessman and leader of Cambio Democrático Party (CD), Riccardo Francolini, he said that "what they are trying to avoid is his participation in the internal CD elections." In his opinion, the Prosecutor’s Office is used as a means to take political reprisals and influence the internal processes of the parties.

On the consensus reached between the groups of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and Cambio Democrático in the parliament, he expressed his doubts about the opposition role of the PRD. "Now it is intended to present as an opposition party. This party must do so not with words, but with facts, renouncing the Comptroller's Office in the offices they hold, renouncing the notaries, the embassies, then we can talk face to face as opposition parties, because CD is really an opposition party," said Camacho who does not rule out a possible future alliance "thinking about the interests of the country".

The statements of the leader of Cambio Democrático were released during a picket carried out by a group of followers of the political group outside the Avesa tower, to express their support for Riccardo Francolini who has been arrested since last Tuesday in May.

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