Carnival kicks off with culecos and comparsas

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  • Mon, 02/12/2018 - 13:09
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Carnival celebration in Panama City kicks off with the comparsa "Alegría". After 18 years of work, it is included in a tradition that along with the so-called "culecos" is part of one of the most expected holidays by Panamanians, during the summer season of the Isthmus.

Water and music take over the Panamanian streets during carnival. This holiday in greater or lesser size is repeatedly celebrated in several places of the canal land. In the district of Juan Díaz in Panama City the group "Alegría" joins the culecos to get the party started. The members of the comparsa say that in Panama the best carnivals in the world are celebrated after Brazil. Music has been useful for them not only as enjoyment but as a way to change their lives.

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