Genaro López: A Constituent is necessary but it is not the moment now

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Genaro López, who was secretary general of SUNTRACS for 20 years, from 1990 to 2010 and presidential candidate in 2014, says that Panama is not ready for a Constituent, "the forces of the popular sectors are not organized. I wonder if a Constituent is called, who will be appointed? Who will be the constituents? There will be no cronyism to appoint them? Surely, it's going to be more of the same".

On the strike of workers which suspended by almost a month the construction sector, López advocates that agreements that do not lead to labor and economic uncertainty can be reached, "we have to look for a mechanism every 4 years of being able to solve it without major trauma because in reality it economically affects the Panamanian economy, the workers, the whole world. That is not the objective," he said that it has been an issue that has already been expressed repeatedly to the Panamanian Chamber of Construction.

In his opinion, an attempt is made to create an opinion matrix on the impact of prices in the construction sector. "That's what they're trying to sell. If they increase the salary of the workers it will increase the cost of housing and works, but when the raw material is raised, they keep silent. In fact, the workers' salary does not raise the prices," said the union leader.

Regarding an eventual participation in the 2019 General Elections, López ruled out his participation, once again, as the presidential candidate of Frente Amplio for la Democracia (FAD). "There are other colleagues who can take on that responsibility. People see us as if we were very defined to a political position that they brand as leftist but we are fighting because the workers or the entire population can meet their needs," according to López.

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