How LGBT community live their religion

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  • Sat, 03/31/2018 - 18:00
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After the controversy and reactions of diverse religious sectors towards groups of sexual diversity, Panama Today spoke with a representative of the LGBT community in Panama, to know her relation with the religious issue and her vision of the Holy Week.

We had a phone interview with Mónica Cárdenas who belongs to the transsexual community. She claims to believe in God but not in the Church or in religious. She has not visited a church for five years. "When you go to a church, the first thing you are told is spirit of homosexual, come out, cross-dressing spirit, come out. These are things that hurt you because if you are a pastor or a real servant, why you have to hurt that feeling that comes from the desire to go to church? Who are they to tell me that I am sinning?" Cárdenas said.

"I don’t need to go to a church to talk to God. He always listens to me wherever I am," Mónica said of her relationship with God. She said she had two experiences that changed her way of seeing both those who represent the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church.

"I have been told that what I do is not well seen by the eyes of God, that I carry a demon inside. We have existed since prehistory but now we are more noticed because we are fighting for our human rights to religion. He is angry at these things but I still love God," said Mónica Cárdenas who represents an organization defending the rights of transsexuals.

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