Mulino: "Varela paralyzed the country due to revenge"

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The political leader for Cambio Democrático (CD) and candidate for the presidency of the party, José Raúl Mulino, believes that the bases of the political organization will take a different path during the primary election process. "Our party is not a Varelista party in the bases. There is a Varela and a Varelista ruling the party because it was taken with treason and with State funds. That is Rómulo Roux. He is not a leader in the party, he is holding an improvised office thanks to the deputies in that office as president," the former government minister of Ricardo Martinelli said during an interview with Panama Today.

"I'm not in this to make alliances. I'm not going to deliver the Cambio Democrático Party as if it were anyone's second-class party. If I win the primary, I’ll preside over the CD presidential candidacy to win and return to power," said Mulino, regarding the possibility of joining forces with other opposition groups. He predicted that the next political campaign "is going to be bloody, not violent, but bloody, because the country is tense".

Regarding the extradition process that would bring former President Martinelli back to Panama, he considers that the news has generated great expectations, "whether you are in favor or against Ricardo Martinelli, it demonstrates the condition that Ricardo Martinelli is still a political factor in the country. Many people must have a guilty feeling."

In that same case he said that there is not something that specifies the time of delivery. The former chancellor said that "the only thing true here because of that principle and that right that the extradition Treaty gives is that he can only be prosecuted in Panama for the crime that motivates the extradition. I think it's regarding of the wiretapping case."

He believes that Varela has focused his years of government on persecuting the opposition leaders. "As far as I know Martinelli did not persecute anyone; however Varela instituted in the Presidency of the Republic the inquisitor court and set up a team presided over by Saltarín, well paid to create the cases against all of us. Not the institutions through their legal departments. He built jointly with Kenia Porcell, Saltarín and a group of people the cases against us. He shocked the country with revenge and here we can see the results, an economy that is slumping," said Mulino.

He expressed concern about the issue of insecurity. "The state of security in the country will be worse in 2019 than in 2009. The type of the crime that is being committed today, the volumes of drugs that are being seized, the experience in Panama of forces of foreign organized crime, such as the Mexican forces, are the sign of more problems and the National Police is diminished by incapacity, by infiltration, by collusion, said the former Minister of Public Security.

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