The Panamanians Passion overflows in their World Cup debut

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  • Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:10
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Finally the day arrived, June 18 was the most awaited moment for Panamanians. The emotions were contained. Some were not been able to sleep the night before. The pride of seeing the Panamanian flag in a world cup and listening to the lyrics of the National Anthem was the most anticipated by all after  October 10, 2017 when the Panamanian defender Román Torres got the glory and scored the winning goal against Costa Rica , goal that became the direct ticket to the Russia World Cup.

Eighteen months of waiting passed. Sochi was the city that welcomed Panama to become part of history of the soccer World Cup. More than 12 thousand kilometers away did not represent any difficulty for the Panamanians who, in their country, still were witnessing the unbelievable. In the traditional Urracá park of the isthmian capital, little by little, people dressed in red came together, the most representative color of the Panamanian National Team. A giant screen was set in the morning of June 18 as the center of attention of a tide of emotions and excited fans dressed in red.

The time has arrived from the giant screen it showed what was happening on the other side of the world. The first wave of emotions arose when the players went out to the field and the Panamanian flag was displayed next to the flag of Belgium, both surrounded the symbolic image of the World Cup, as was usually done in the rest of the soccer scenarios of Russia. Screams, whistles, applause drained all the sensations of fans who looked at their country among the greats of the world.

"We finally reached the victory", so began the notes of the National Anthem of Panama from Russia and immediately felt in every corner of the Isthmus. The tide of emotions showed their faces of joy with smiles and tears that fell away while they shouted with pride the continuation of the canticle of the homeland.

This is the party, this is the joy of a country that was part of the World Cup for the first time.

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