V Congress PRD: Pedro Miguel González: Varela wants a confrontation scenario

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  • Tue, 03/13/2018 - 09:40
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During the 5th Special National Congress of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) that took place on Sunday, March 11, Secretary General of the political group Pedro Miguel González spoke of the steps the party is taking towards the 2019 General Elections. He also mentioned the country plan they are building with a long-term vision. The congress was attended by the presidential candidates of the PRD, as well as former presidents Ricardo De La Espriella, Nicolás Ardito Barletta, Aristides Royo, Ernesto Pérez Balladares, Martín Torrijos and Francisco Rodríguez, who will also form an advisory committee.

Secretary General of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) Pedro Miguel González questioned the statements released by Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela last Friday against the group of opposition deputies. "The increasingly aggressive and abusive attitude of the current government against those of us who lead the opposition makes us believe that the current President intends to create an unprecedented confrontation scenario in the post-invasion phase. Far from acting as a statesman who calls for dialogue and a national understanding to overcome the current crisis of power, Varela attacks with a sharpening, aggressive speech," said González at the 5th National Special Congress of the PRD.

Last Friday, March 9 during a ceremony in the province of Bocas del Toro, President Juan Carlos Varela also accused the opposition deputies of trying to lead the country to a confrontation: "I will reinforce the authority I hold as President of Panama before that little group of Members who, acting irresponsibly, want to lead the country to a confrontation."


Pedro Miguel González: "How do you intend to impose your authority?"

According to González, the President's reactions have been a response to the rejection of his proposals of magistrates in the National Assembly. "He wanted to take control of the judicial system and we stopped him. The opposition rejected his appointments and now he wants and has vowed to take revenge," said the deputy of the Panamanian Parliament.

"He must explain the country how he intends to impose his authority on this small group of deputies. Could it be in violation of the Constitution and the law that he swore to defend? Could it be by abusing his power through economic strangulation of an independent state organ? Could it be preventing its operation? How is it that you intend to impose your authority before this small group of opposition deputies? Will it be using blackmail and judicial extortion now that you have control of the investigative police and the Public Ministry? Could it be that you intend to put pressure on the Supreme Court of Justice to achieve a desired result?" asked the Secretary General of the PRD.


Secretary General of the PRD to party leaders

Secretary General of the PRD Pedro Miguel González called on the leaders of his party and assured that after the primary process there will be a total cohesion to bring the Torrijista party to power in 2019: "Here in this party nobody has the right of putting at risk the hope of a whole people, let alone those who aspire to be President and attack in the networks and in the media those who compete against them and the members of the political leadership of their party. As Secretary General of this party I declare that this Political Direction will be vigilant of the primary elections process to guarantee a healthy competition that strengthens us. We will not hesitate to call to order any pre-candidate who threatens our victory with their actions".

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