3-1. Panama took off Cuba and is champion of the Caribbean Series

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  • Mon, 02/11/2019 - 11:00
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Panama was crowned this Sunday champion of version 61 of the Caribbean Series, defeating 3 runs by 1 to Cuba, breaking with this a Cuban hegemony, which took all three titles in the finals held in the Central American country previously.

The Panamanian right pitcher Harold Araúz was shown airtight in the first entry, in its high part, withdrawing in line three Cubans.

In the lower part, Panama opens the scoreboard. With one out, Jilton Calderón drew a double to the right field line, later scoring with another double detonation hit by Allen Córdoba, who would then step on the register for Elmer Reyes' unstoppable.

At the top of the second, Alfredo Despaigne opened with unstoppable to the middle of the diamond, but the Panamanian defense took an electrifying double killing by Yordanis Samón. Araúz finished the inning with strikeout to Jorge Aloma.

The Panamanians went blank in the high of the second, but Araúz kept under control the Cuban offensive, with three strikeouts on the low and a single hit allowed.

Panama started the bottom of the third with Rodrigo Orozco at first base, by mistake of Cuban first base Samón, but Asiel Álvarez calmly gave a strikeout to Gerlad Chin and finished Calderón and Guerra with a flyout, leaving Orozco anchored at third base.

The fourth went blank as well, Arauz and Asiel Álvarez got involved in a pitcher's duel, which suited Panama, who had an advantage up to that point.

Despaigne continued hitting the ball in the tournament, on the top of the fifth, the Cuban "horse" shot a long double by the central, to then ring with the first for Cuba, by Carlos Benítez unstoppable. The episode was finished by Arauz with a new flyout from Chin, leaving waiting for tow to Benitez and Yurisbel Gracial.

The sixth went blank, Arauz was relieved by Anfenee Benítez, who calmly took out the inning with a double killing of the defense.

In the seventh did the same Asiel Alvarez, who only presented problems in the first entry, when he received two runs.

The top of the seventh, Manuel Rodríguez, Panamanian technician, sent Luis Mateo, who retired in line to the Cubans, among those to the dangerous Alfredo Despaigne.

For Panamanians, the bottom of the seventh was productive, with one more run.

Asiel Álvarez got into trouble with two out, allowed a double to the left field of Jonathan Galvéz, the pitcher was took out of the game.

Galvez advanced by uncontrolled release of Cuban reliever Vladimir García, at bat Rodrigo Vigil.

The Panamanian catcher brought Gálvez home, with an unstoppable that split the diamond in two, to put Panama up and take García out of the game. The left-hander Iván Moinelo, second Cuban relay, took the entrance.

But the damage was done, the "ahí, ahí, ahí está el campeón " echoed in the bleachers of the national stadium Rod Carew, before a respectable audience presence.

In the top of the eighth, Mateo remained intractable, taking out easily, lined up his three opponents, in two strikeouts and one shot to the shortstop.

In the bottom of the eighth, the Panamanians did not score and left the plate, so that Manuel "Manny" Corpas left to close the door to the Cubans.

In the top of ninth, Corpas pulled the first two batters in a row harmless to the inside field, but Frederich Cepeda refused to die and double shot to the line of the right field, to put tension at the moment, because the bat reached Alfredo Despaigne.

But the experience of Corpas in the big leagues was worth to him with two launchings to mount to Despaigane in two strikes, to retire him with raised ball deep to the central prairie, so that Panama sums its second series of the Caribbean in its history.

The first gem of the Panamanians was added in 1950, in Puerto Rico, by the Yankees of Carta Vieja.


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