4-0. The Panamanian CAI hits the Toronto FC in his Concacaf tournament debut

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  • Wed, 02/20/2019 - 12:30
4-0. The Panamanian CAI hits the Toronto FC in his Concacaf tournament debut
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By Rogelio Adonican Osorio

The Independent Athletic Club of Panama thrashed 4 goals by 0 to Toronto FC on Tuesday, with a double of Panamanian youth Ivey Romeesh, in the start of the Champions League's eighth finals of the Concacaf Champions League.

The Panamanian team came out with a 4-4-2 mark, but always waiting for the rival, who did not show much football, rather it looked somewhat erratic, typical of a team without a rhythm of competition.

Even so, the first to finish off the frame was the visitors at minute 4, when Jonathan Osorio hit him from the right, but the ball went over the goal defended by CAI goalkeeper José Guerra.

After this came the pressure of the Panamanians, making the transfer of the ball uncomfortable for Toronto, which could not cross the middle sector.

That constant pressure paid off at minute nine of the game.

Precisely a ball recovered by Juan González, who centers to the area of Toronto, receives Abdiel Ayarza with the chest, who hits a shoot with the left foot that goes through the left post of Alex Bono, who could not do anything, and the locals put themselves in advantage 1 -0 in the duel.

Until then, the visit dominated the ball, somewhat messy, but did not lend it to the rival.

After the goal of CAI, led by the Venezuelan Francisco Perlo, they were more animated, while the goal left some dazed the Canadian team.

At 18, Ivey Romeesh had a clear. Ball recovered by Omar Browne, center, Romeesh lets it roll, so that it is left, but crosses too much his shot, which goes down the final line, drowning the goal screech of the audience.

With that play, the Panamanians retreated, giving the Canadian territory, so they created several plays of danger, the clearest was at minute 32.

The Salvadoran referee Iván Barton whistles a penalty in the absence of Gerardo Negrete on Laurent Ciman.

The person who kicks was Terrence Boyd, who shot a ball that flew over the CAI frame, following the result 1-0 for the Panamanians.

With a Toronto looking for a draw and a CAI folded in his box, the last minutes of the first half were diluted, so that Barton will send the players to rest half the time.

The second half started as the first one ended, with a team from Toronto looking for a draw and CAI looking for the counter with speed.

But, as was the tone of the game, when Toronto played better, in a drop off the Panamanian team came the second goal.

Omar Browne was the author of that second goal, 48 minutes into the second half, with a left-footed shot that surpassed goalkeeper Bono.

With the two zero, they returned to pull back, taking advantage of the speed of Romeesh, Gonzalez and Browne.

Precisely these attacks at speed gave revenues at minute 52. A filtering of Juan González for Jorman Aguilar, who gave it to Romeesh to define with a left-footed shot.

With this three by zero, the CAI calmed down the march, controlled the times of the match and returned to give the ball to his rival, who tried to score.

But that longed for goal did not come, because at 78, Gonzalez fights the ball in the middle sector, wins and passes diagonally, as a shadow appeared Romeesh to put the 4-0 and give peace of mind to the CAI in the return of the key, that will take place in Toronto on February 26 next.

With that fourth goal and the match closed, the Panamanian team continued with a perfect defensive lock until the referee decreed the end of the first duel of this key to the knockout round of the CONCACAF Champions League.


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