Barcelona regained the road to victory against Tottenham

Barcelona FC
  • EFE

Barcelona, lead by Lionel Messi, did not allow the negative streak in the Spanish League to extend to the Champions League by beating the English Tottenham Hotspur 2-4 as a visitor.

The game was one-way every time the Catalans proposed it, with the Argentine star as captain and brain plan. In just two minutes of play, Philippe Coutinho took advantage of a pass from a sideline and a dismissal of goalkeeper Hugo Lloris to score practically unopposed.

Ivan Rakitic increased Barcelona’s advantage in the 28th minute, when he volleyed a rebound that reached the edge of the penalty area.

After returning from the break, Tottenham began to react, and Harry Kane, the most dangerous to the goal of Marc André Ter Stegen, managed to receive a fair reward for his actions, with a goal in minute 52, product of a very well executed backlash.

Lionel Messi crashed two balls in the posts, but in the 56th minute he managed to score the first of his two goals in the game, when starting a play 30 meters from the goal of Lloris and finishing it with a subtle touch a pass that slipped between the legs of attackers and defenders.

The English team did not surrender, which was supported at all times by the public attending Wembley stadium.

Perhaps spurred by his supporters, Erick Lamela tried it from the edge of the penalty area in the 66th minute and was fortunate enough to hit a defender to catch Ter Stegen off guard to bring Tottenham closer.

However, Messi was responsible for sentencing the game in the 90th minute, when he stole a clearance of the English team that came to his feet in the center of the penalty area without defenses to his surroundings, so he beat goalkeeper Lloris almost unopposed.

In this way, Barcelona achieves to clear, at least for now, the ghosts that began to flutter after winning two of nine possible points in the league, including a painful defeat to Leganés.



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