Baseball players with MLB seal top Panama's list for the Series of the Caribbean

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  • Mon, 02/04/2019 - 11:36
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Five players with the seal of the Major Leagues of the United States (MLB, for its acronym in English) tops the list of the Toros de Herrera of Panama for the Series of the Caribbean, which will begin today at the Rod Carew Stadium in the Panamanian capital.

Manuel Corpas, who played in the Rockies of Colorado; Enrique Burgos, who had his way through the Arizona Diamondbacks; Severino González, who climbed the majors with the Philadelphia Phillies; and Javier Guerra and Allen Córdoba, both came to the MLB with the San Diego Padres, stand out in the list of the Panamanian team.

The cast of the Central American country, led by Panamanian expeller Manuel Rodríguez, is in group B of the championship along with Estrellas Orientales from Dominican Republic and Cangrejeros de Santurce from Puerto Rico.

The Panamanians will begin their journey through version 61 of the Series of the Caribbean next Tuesday against Estrellas Orientales.

Panama will be represented by Toros de Herrera, champion of the Professional Baseball League of Panama (Probeis), reinforced with players from Nicaragua, Colombia and Panama.

"The base of the team will be the Panamanian and the idea of the team is to bring a competitive group to this race, where an extremely high level of baseball is played", said Panamanian professional baseball commissioner, David Salayandia.

Panama will host version 61 of the Series of the Caribbean, tournament of professional baseball champions of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Panama and Cuba, the latter will do so as guest.


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