"Bolillo" steps down Panamanian team

El Bolillo
  • EFE

Colombian coach Hernán Darío "Bolillo" Gómez said goodbye to the Panamanian fans in a letter published by the Panamanian Football Federation, to which he addressed in the recently concluded World Cup 2018.

In the letter, which is in the social networks of the FEPAFUT, the technician begins saying "sometimes it is difficult to move my feet where my heart is set and this is happening to me with the Panamanian team".

He shares everything he has suffered and achieved since February 15, 2014, when he began his job as national coach, with the dream of getting the Russian qualification into his head.

In the letter, entitled "This is not a goodbye. It’s only farewell", Bolillo appreciates the good comments, and also the criticism, ensuring that "from rivals and setbacks a real team flourishes and it would be strange if there weren’t criticism nor setbacks, there is no passion without setbacks".

He advised each instance to support the national team, but everyone in their own affairs: the fans from the stands, the leadership from the offices and the players on the court, because "that's where life rolls on".

Bolillo thanked the expressions of affection received and ended saying it's a hard time to move his feet from the place where his heart is set, but people can rely on him as another member of the first World Cup team, before closing the letter with a "good bye".

About his future he wrote nothing, although on Monday it was known that he had already signed an agreement to lead Ecuador, of which he was national coach between 1999 and 2004 and which led to the 2002 World Cup played in South Korea and Japan.

The Ecuadorian press says that its incorporation to the Ecuadorian national team will take place next August.

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