Bureaucracy of the national government affects organization of JCCC Panama 2022

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  • Wed, 11/07/2018 - 18:22
Camilo Amado
  • Panamanian Olympic Committee, Camilo Amador
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The president of the Panamanian Olympic Committee (COP), Camilo Amador, told EFE today that there has been some state bureaucracy with the funds that are destined for the commitments with the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (Odecabe).

"It can be said that there has been some state bureaucracy to dispose of the funds had to fulfill the commitments with the Odecabe and for the Organizing Committee of the Central American and Caribbean Games (JCCC) of 2022 to be able to operate. They have not received any funds," he said.

"The information we have is that the monies are there and that the Odecabe commitments have already been transferred and the bail that the country puts on is one of the most important issues, now it must be handed over to the president of Odecabe, Steve Stoute, at the Pandeportes meeting," he said.

Contractually, according to the leader, the payments to Odecabe to carry out in Panama the Central American and Caribbean Games of 2022 had to be done in January, but "knowing that all governments always delay, November stretches the situation a bit."

The Panamanian Olympic leader took the opportunity to show his concern for the athletes, who have not yet begun their preparation.

"I'm still a little worried that we have not started preparing our athletes, but that issue is not important for Odecabe, for us in Panama it is important," he said.

The president of the COP, who is also treasurer of the Odecabe, participates in the meeting currently held by the entity in Panama and which also has within its missions to define the date of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Sports Games, Panama 2022.

Odecabe will also define the relations of COPAN 2022 (Organizing Committee of the Games) with Panama and the Government with Odecabe and the operational budget and the recommended sports program will be received. Likewise, the proposed sports facilities will be known, as well as the operational plan for the accommodation of athletes and officials in the hotels.


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