Camilo Amado denounces Pandeportes and calls for elections in May

Camilo Amado
  • Pandeportes

La Prensa's newspaper journalist, Mary Triny Zea, shared new information about the Pandeportes network of corruption, with new evidence of the Panamanian Basketball Federation (Fepaba), that presumably received supplies and resources that never arrived, or at least not all of them.

With this report, the media and Zea have been in charge of showing different proofs such as documentaries, episodes, and investigations concerning the subject, like this one they shared on Twitter from the La Prensa official account:

Only a few months for Lima 2019, an organization joins the cause to raise its voice, the Panamanian Olympic Committee ( COP), as director, Camilo Amado denounced that they do not have the necessary support and that they are not even responded when they requested a meeting between the parties.

Amid these reactions, Amado's responses in his social media draw attention, in which he disseminates those who support the idea that the World Youth Day has played down the importance of the upcoming Pan American Games, indicating that they can not be on the same scenario.

In the same way, the Director of the COP stated that candidates for deputies in the upcoming elections need to be watched and the use of their social media to disseminate this information from the the newspaper La Prensa.

As we showed in the previous article, this behavior in social media has become common during the past days and everything from the investigation of the aforementioned media, with constant reports that spread like fire and that allow each of the Panamanians to play a role. Camilo Amado was criticized for previous actions in which suddenly has not reported any irregular activity or gaps as "the story of champagne," with the anecdote that so many Twitter users have echoed. Similarly, in the midst of the legal and investigative situation, each of the federations and sports organizations has put their version of the facts where income, supplies, and development programs have not appeared.

Source- local media

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