Conmebol suspends final of Copa Libertadores between River and Boca

Conmebol suspends final of Copa Libertadores between River and Boca
  • EFE

Every duel between River Plate and Boca Juniors of Argentina is historic because of the rivalry that exists between both teams, but the final of the 2018 Copa Libertadores de América will go down in the soccer annals because its second leg had to be postponed twice.

After a 2-2 draw in the first leg, played at the Bombonera, both teams had to play the round on Saturday at the Monumental stadium, home of River Plate.

But the fans were responsible for throwing a fret at the spectacle by attacking the bus where the Boca players were traveling causing injuries to several of them. That, besides more confrontations between fans of several teams, forced the match to be suspended and it was announced that it would be played on Sunday.

Many were the voices that were raised against the realization of the game on Sunday, but FIFA and Conmebol did not seem willing to postpone the match that will define the champion of the Libertadores yet again.

However, there was an element that no one counted on: the Government Control Agency, which imposed a closure on the Monumental and a fine for River Plate due to overselling of tickets and closing all emergency exits.

That, and the warmed atmosphere that existed around the meeting, forced the Conmebol to yield and announce the suspension of the final for a date yet to be determined.

Again violence lurks the spectacle in Argentina, which has already experienced similar situations in the past, although none in a situation as important as this one, in which both play for the title of champion of the most important tournament, at a club level, in the continent.

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