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  • Sat, 02/09/2019 - 15:31
Serie del caribe
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Dominican Republic defeated this Friday 5 runs by 3 to Panama, but will depend on tomorrow's duel between the locals and Puerto Rico, eliminated from competition, to get their pass to the final of the 61 version of the Caribbean Series.

The resplendent Panamanian afternoon seemed to shine more with the formidable feat of the quisqueyan squadron of Estrellas de Oriente, led by the ex-bigleaguer Fernando Tatis, while Los Toros de Herrera, piloted by Manuel Rodríguez, from the central province of Herrera, gave the battle, but at the end they fell.

The party started from the first inning when an inspired Gerald Chin received base by ball, would come another single more deadly from Allen Córdoba, with which Chin advanced to third and a rolling ball shot by Elmer Reyes, to the right field, opened the tunnel to get to the plate, before the desperation of the Dominican fans, of the most roars in the national stadium Rod Carew.

That did not please the Dominican pitcher Radhames Liz, who resisted until the fourth episode with a pitching concert, but Elmer Reyes would come with a missile that left the park for left field, for the first home run of the afternoon and the second for the Panamanians in the series, placing the 2-0.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, the Dominicans reacted thanks to a single from Emilio Gustave, who entered by Aneury Tavárez, injured in the left ankle when running to first base, and driven by the double that Wilkin Castillo connected.

The Panamanian big leaguer, Paolo Espino, entered to throw by Arias and was in charge of silencing the artillery of the Panamanians from the fifth inning, and at the end he took the triumph with work of 3.1 episodes, allowed two hits, one run and one error.

In the lower part of that episode, Carlos Teller faced three Dominicans, allowing Diego Goris and Moisés Sierra walks, so he was relieved by Severino González, who with one out, gave another walk to Gustave.

Ernesto Glasgow entered by Gonzalez, in rescue work, and for the good of the Panamanians, he stoped two more Dominicans, putting the nightmare on hold.

Espino continued with his devastating presence in the field, in the top of seventh dispatched four more Panamanians. José Escalona took the responsibility in the mound in the bottom of the seventh stage, to try to contain the Dominican offensive, a third, but was replaced by Ernesto Silva and then by José Ortega, who received one more run and it was a cheap tariff, because he had loaded bases.

José Ortega tied down the bottom of the eighth and the Dominicans stayed in five runs. In the top of ninth inning, Jose Rafael Díaz and his defense did not allow annotations and achieved a just victory.

After conceding a single defeat, against Panama, the Dominicans returned the favor by overwhelmingly defeating their two rivals in group A and will wait for tomorrow's match between the hosts and the Puerto Ricans, to learn their fate.

If the Panamanians won, they would have 3-1, same record as the Dominicans, and everything will be defined between the total races, clean races in direct duels, and to persist the draw, in the final analysis the collective batting will take place between both teams.

In the first criteria, both selections are equal to seven and six races (clean). In the batting, the Panamanians have the advantage, by linking for .270 over the .215 of the Dominicans.

The Charros de Jalisco (Mexico) defeated this Friday 9 races by 4 to the Cardenales de Lara (Venezuela), putting on pause the classification of the Venezuelan team, which closes the regular series of the Caribbean Series Panama 2019 tomorrow.

Once again, the professional baseball champion of Venezuela, Cardenales de Lara, played protected by the warmth of their people, but the Mexicans with an explosive offensive of 15 hits remain hopeful of a three-way tie and be able to get into the final.

The Mexicans began to cement their triumph from the second episode, when they stepped on home twice. Víctor Mendoza with an unstoppable ball brought home to Herlis Rodríguez and Alonzo Harris.

Charros increased the advantage 3-0 in the bottom of the fourth. The run came in the spikes of Agustín Murrillo.

While the game was taking place, in the stalls, adorned by Venezuelan flags and signs of protests against the Nicolás Maduro’s regime and beyond the ball game, another atmosphere was lived, with cries of "freedom ... freedom" and "Guaidó, Guaidó" and "Maduro ... e tu madre", the Venezuelans enjoyed the day.

That breath led the Venezuelans to fill with courage, and put their first two hatches on the board. Ali Castillo pushed Herlis Castillo. The other score was by error of third base of Mexico, in that blink Alexi Amarista added another race.

Everything must be defined in this group A tomorrow with the match between Venezuela and Cuba, first challenge at 13:00 local time (18:00 GMT). At the close of the day, in Group B, Puerto Rico will face Panama from 7:00 pm local time (00:00 GMT on Sunday).


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